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OMD’s electrical keynote

20 June 2011
OMD’s electrical keynote

Traditional TV advertising models are in crisis but product placement, ad-funded programming or multi-screen promotions may provide an answer. Join Mainardo de Nardis, CEO, OMD Worldwide alongside Toby Syfret, chief analyst, Enders Analysis, for a critical examination of ‘The Challenges for Advertiser Funded Broadcasting’ in the IBC2011 Monday keynote session (12 September).   Has the recession permanently dented revenues or does the connected TV present a chance to reformulate the relationship with the consumer? Will product placement, targeted ads or multi-screen advertising deliver life-saving revenues to commercial broadcasters? Or is it inevitable that free TV will need to be replaced by some form of payment model?
As consumers take more control over content at a time of economic uncertainty the time is ripe for a cool assessment of the prospects for advertiser funded broadcasting.

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