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Olympics 2012 host production advances

9 August 2011
Olympics 2012 host production advances

EVS technology is set to play a crucial role in the operation for the host production of the 2012 Olympics, which is expected to be the most-watched live event yet televised, writes Adrian Pennington.

Luc Doneux, EVS’ Head of Major Events (pictured) has helped the host broadcaster Olympic Broadcast Services (OBS) design the mammoth server system which will drive the whole event.

“The template of an HD and tapeless workflow has been established for some time but there are always enhancements,” he said. “In 2012 we aim to capture 5,000 hours in HD, all stored on the biggest Olympics’ server system ever, to which rights holding broadcasters will have remote access wherever they are in the world.

“There will also be a Broadcast Data Feed available to all broadcasters alongside all the pictures," he said.

"This will contain a comprehensive set of competitor’s information, logging data, transmission information and event results and scores to help broadcasters trigger graphics, prepare schedules, distribute information to websites or other applications."

In addition, OBS plans to distribute ten channels by satellite for aggregated content distribution to broadcasters – essentially facilitating the offering and the distribution of feeds remotely in order to help smaller broadcasters delivering 2012 to eager worldwide audiences.

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