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Octopus & Sony partner

1 December 2010
Octopus & Sony partner

Octopus Newsroom and Sony have unveiled details of their new technology partnership, which sees Sony’s Sonaps integrate fully with the Octopus6 newsroom computer system.

The new partnership was based on intensive tests of seamless cooperation between Octopus6 and Sonaps. Both systems are fully MOS compliant and integrate tightly together.

“Due to complexity and enhanced features of both Sonaps and Octopus6, integration tests took a little longer than usual but it was worth it. Octopus6 and Sonaps form a complete news environment and I would really like to emphasise the word complete. Both products have excellent implementation of MOS protocol which goes beyond the standard integration as we can see it with some other products in the market. We’re very excited to be working with Sony,” commented Jan Pulpan, CTO of Octopus Newsroom.

As a result of the new partnership, content from the field, inside the Sonaps system, can easily be searched and browsed in Octopus6 and linked to the story as it develops. Logging, storyboarding, and even finished editing with voiceover and effects can be done at the desktop. The running order and status are constantly updated so that everyone has the up-to-the-second information that’s essential in a high-pressure newsroom environment. Using the XPRI NS proxy editor in the newsroom gives the journalist ultimate flexibility to browse, edit and finish the story as quickly as possible.

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