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Octopus arms itself with Pablo

15 September 2011
Octopus arms itself with Pablo

Newly launched Madrid post-production facility, Octopus Media has chosen to base its operation around a Quantel Pablo Neo, writes David Fox.

Octopus is initially aiming at quality TV dramas and shows, but also hopes to move into the film and corporate markets.

"Our vision in setting up Octopus is very much to create a boutique facility with a reputation for delivering the highest quality results and great customer care," said Octopus co-founder David Ojeda. All five founders have worked with Quantel systems over many years.

"The market here in Spain has become increasingly driven purely by price over recent years, and quality and service have gone out of the window," added Ojeda.

"We of course aim to be competitive, but we strongly believe there is a place for quality, reliability, security and fast turnaround. There is nothing else out there that can touch the Pablo in these areas. It’s a great colour corrector – the Neo panel makes life very easy for the artist and the DoP is more confident because he gets what he wants right away, and because Pablo also has a complete finishing toolset on board, he gets to walk away with the finished piece. And of course it’s a Quantel too, which in itself is a mark of distinction in a crowded ‘me-too’ market."

Octopus is also looking to move into Stereo3D, and Pablo’s built-in S3D toolset means that when the opportunity to undertake a project arises, it will be equipped to take it on. "We’d like to have 3D project under our belts before the year end," he said.


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