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Octopus and Ross form technology partnership

21 October 2010
Octopus and Ross form technology partnership

Octopus Newsroom and Ross Video have entered into a new technology partnership following successful tests integrating the Octopus6 newsroom computer system and XPression graphics system via the MOS protocol.

As a result of the new integration, users will now be able to select templates, edit text, replace graphics, and see full-motion previews of XPression graphics directly in the Octopus6 interface.

‘We always try to offer the most flexible and reliable solution to our customers and we believe that alliance with Ross Video will be very beneficial for them. We are very pleased to announce this new partnership and we are looking forward to working with Ross Video on our future joint projects,” commented Jan Pulpan, CTO of Octopus Newsroom.

“We’re very excited to be working with Octopus. As one of the top players in the newsroom computer system business, they have been on our radar for quite some time. Having an Octopus6-compliant ActiveX plug-in allows us to make the transition to an XPression MOS workflow seamless for Octopus users,” said Brian Olson, Marketing Product Manager for XPression at Ross Video.

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