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Observer: more than just logging

13 March 2012

A new logging and monitoring system and new loudness monitoring module by Volicon will be shown at NAB this year. The newly enhanced version of the Observer TS MPEG Transport Stream logging and monitoring system accommodates an even broader array of inputs, including ASI, QAM, 8-VSB, and DVB-T MPEG TS interfaces; improved system density for HD and SD programs; and simpler ease-of-use interfaces. The system allows users to record (log) MPEG transport streams continuously, and monitor the A/V content including BS.1770-2 loudness, NAVE, and other correlations of data and video. Observer also allows users to remotely stream and export content to all stakeholders in the media enterprise. Because Observer TS logs the full transport stream, the user is able to go back an hour, a day, a week, or a month to examine and/or export content and effectively eliminate chronic issues with service handoffs. With commercial and programme loudness being legislated worldwide, broadcasters, networks, and video service providers need to be able to monitor loudness in realtime, as well as provide an affidavit of compliance for regulators and advertisers. Equipped to measure AC3 dialnorm levels and compliant with ITU BS.1770-1 and BS.1770-2, ATSC A/85 RP 2011, CALM Act (FCC Report 11-182A1), EBU R128 (Tech 3341/2/3/4), and ARIB TR-B32, Volicon’s Observer system offers a powerful combination of logging and loudness measurement.  SU5715


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