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Object Matrix partners with XenData

2 April 2012
Object Matrix partners with XenData

Object Matrix, provider of nearline storage platforms for tapeless video workflows, has partnered with XenData the provider of digital video archiving solutions. The technology partnership provides a comprehensive solution that enables customers to move content through storage tiers without having to manage the process. The movement of the data, or objects, from MatrixStore to tape will be managed by a new software module from Object Matrix which is due to be released at IBC in September. “Nine years ago we started Object Matrix with a vision of replacing the need for LTO. Whilst we still believe the economic model afforded by object based, scalable, self-managing clustered storage solutions like MatrixStore enables content to be protected long term on disk, we have also learned from our customers that choice is king. They want and need the choice to put their data on any number of platforms including LTO,” stated Nick Pearce, co-founder, Object Matrix.  “Once the choice to integrate with tape libraries was made the process of choosing a partner was made easy. The heritage that the XenData team has in tape based archiving technologies, their experience in the creative industries and a joint commitment to open standards ensures our customers will benefit from a very complementary offering,” he added. MatrixStore acts as a pre-production or nearline archive protecting content during the production process and keeping content available on-demand. The technology partnership with XenData enables that content to be protected in open formats on any number of tape libraries in any number of locations ensuring that the customer fully satisfies their internal or external data protection policies. “Disk-based storage and LTO tapes are complementary technologies that are ideal for managing the lifecycle of video assets,” said Dr. Phil Storey, XenData CEO. “The team at Object Matrix has developed a great solution that now offloads to near-line LTO and externalised LTO cartridges for long term archiving,” he added.


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