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Oasys celebrates at 24Sata

17 October 2011
Oasys celebrates at 24Sata

As part of its 20th anniversary celebrations, Oasys underlined its credentials as the original and leading supplier of channel in a box by inviting your correspondent to visit 24Sata, a news broadcaster in Zagreb. The R&D centre for Oasys is also based in the Croatian capital.

Independence from the former Yugoslavia brought major changes to the press in Croatia, and in 2004 a group of entrepreneurs started 24Sata as a daily newspaper. Within four years it was the most popular national title. From the start it had a strong online presence, and the vision to have its content available to everyone everywhere.
 In 2009 it added a television channel. This was originally conceived as a web service but in the planning stage it was approached by TCom which wanted to add it to its emerging IPTV offering. It is now widely available on the various cable and DTH networks which serve most households in Croatia.
 Because of its origins, the content management system was built for the website. The change of direction meant that a broadcast infrastructure had to be added to it. Local distributor RoBaGo proposed a solution which saw it host transmission using an Oasys automation system which receives content and scheduling information via XML and parses it into a playlist.
 For most of the day stories are broadcast on a carousel, with the Oasys system adding graphics on the fly, including colour coding different stories and generating rundowns. For live bulletins at the top of each hour, and extended news programmes twice a day, there is a studio in the television newsroom, controlled by a second Oasys system.Commercials are included in the general schedule and form part of the carousel. An as-run log reports back to 24Sata’s business systems for billing.
 RoBaGo and Oasys worked closely together to implement the system within 15 days. It is a very slick operation, delivering a popular and profitable 24-hour rolling news channel with a minimum of staff. According to Director, Tomislav Klarić: “this is a low budget television station. Anywhere we could make extra savings was welcome”. 

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