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O21’s second new HD truck of year

23 May 2007

Reflecting the rapid expansion in HD sporting coverage in the UK, O21 Television’s newly built, _2million plus single expanding outside broadcast vehicle, Unit 7, is a complete HD truck built with not only the latest technology but with production personnel in mind.

The company claims that Unit 7 offers production companies more than a standard OB vehicle, with capacity for up to 16 VTRs/EVSs and a two tiered VTR area that seats up to seven people.

Kevin Moorhouse, Gravity Media Group’s technical director said: “Unit 7 is a powerful outside broadcast vehicle. Although a single expanding truck, its VTR capacity is impressive and makes the unit perfect for Light Entertainment and Music productions. Production personnel who’ve viewed Unit 7 have praised both its comfortable design and layout, which is great as we’ve designed it with them in mind.”

The vehicle has a large audio room which contains a Calrec Sigma audio desk. The room has been ergonomically designed for an audio mixer and has concentrated on creating high quality acoustics and in a quiet and dedicated environment. It is fully HD capable with 20 Sony HDC 1500s and 2 Sony HDC 3300 super motion cameras. Equally, with the flick of a switch, Unit 7 can be used for SDI productions.

The truck’s first outing will be at the UEFA Cup Final in Glasgow on 16 May.

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