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NVerzion automates EPG creation

28 March 2013
NVerzion automates EPG creation

NGuide is a new tool from automation specialists NVerzion, which the company claims will guarantee the integrity of electronic programme guides (EPG). NGuide accesses the broadcast schedule to automatically create the EPG, which should result in higher quality information for the consumer. Broadcasters using the system will set up a structure in which multiple daily schedules are mined for the data. NGuide formats the information appropriately to allow it to be published to an EPG web server. For the broadcaster there is a simple user interface, allowing it to select and format the information as they want it to appear in the EPG.Because it is tied to the final schedule accuracy can be maintained, even if the broadcaster does not have a sophisticated planning and scheduling system. This allows smaller broadcasters to deliver a good quality of experience without adding operational expenditure. “NGuide is a cost-effective tool for any broadcaster that wants to ensure the accuracy of its EPG information, but does not want to invest in a traffic system,” said Reed Haslam of NVerzion. “It provides an unmatched level of reliability, flexibility and ease of use at a cost that is affordable for stations of any size.”

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