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NUGEN Audio reveals stand-alone loudness tool

19 February 2013
NUGEN Audio reveals stand-alone loudness tool

NUGEN Audio has released a new stand-alone version of its LM-Correct loudness analysis and correction tool, which was originally only available as an AudioSuite plug-in. LM-Correct is available as a file-based program, taking its speed and simplicity beyond the Avid digital audio workstation (DAW) environment. LM-Correct provides EBU R128|ATSC A/85 (CALM Act)-compliant loudness correction, and gives users a two-click solution for loudness normalisation and conformance. “We created a version of LM-Correct with greatly enhanced compatibility to accommodate our customers who use editing software other than Avid’s,” said Jon Schorah, creative director of NUGEN Audio. “Now any editor can use LM-Correct to correct loudness no matter which DAW they use.” LM-Correct is a faster than realtime tool that calculates and corrects for Integrated Program Loudness and short-term maximum loudness. It includes an internal true-peak limiter, which transparently takes care of any intersample peaks. LM-Correct’s settings include presets for current loudness standards, short-term loudness, overall integrated program loudness measurement and correction, maximum true-peak level targeting, and ‘EBU Mode’. The software also supports mono through 5.1 audio. LM-Correct is available for OS X and Windows operating

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