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Nucomm targets ENG and sports

20 September 2007

Nucomm was busy showcasing its GoPac2 multifunction portable COFDM transmit system at IBC2007. Designed to deliver the highest quality HD or SD video for ENG and sports coverage, the GoPac2 system is based on the company’s CamPac2 wireless camera transmitter.

The new system boasts features such as integrated HD/SD MPEG2 encoding with low latency, dual pedestal, variable bandwidth COFDM (5 to 16MHz), multi-band operation (2/7GHz), variable RF output to 5 watts and remote control via a removable front panel, the GoPac2 brings a new level of versatility to a microwave transmit system.

The GoPac2 consists of the CamPac2 wireless camera transmitter and its companion GoPac2 amplifier docking station. The CamPac2 can be used as a wireless camera transmitter or attached via a standard Anton Bauer or Sony V-Clip connection to the GoPac2 amplifier where it can be operated on a tripod or in a news vehicle transmitting up to 5 watts. The system is fitted into a small portable carry case and can be quickly removed and set up as required, giving it the ability to convert virtually any car, truck or motorcycle into an ENG transmit vehicle.

The GoPac2 can be configured for either HD or SD operation; the HD version will function in HD or SD modes. The system accepts a variety of video input formats, including SDI, HD SDI, component, and composite, as well as DVB-ASI for repeating applications.

For HD applications, the GoPac supports 720p and 1080i encoding, in either 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 mode. Various audio configurations are supported, with dual audio inputs, configurable from mic to line level, or as AES/EBU digital audio. Audio levels are easily set using the programmable gain and displayed on the colour TFT display as digital VU meters.

For operating ease and flexibility, the GoPac2 can be remotely controlled via RS-232/RS-485 using a PDA or a PC, and the control panel can be removed allowing remote control from up to 100 feet away.

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