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Nucomm lands deal for Beijing 2008

1 November 2007

Microwave systems specialist Nucomm has won an order from China’s national broadcaster, CCTV, for HD microwave equipment for use during the Opening Ceremony outdoor events at the Beijing Olympics next year. This represents the first HD airborne microwave system sold to a broadcast network in China, writes Adrian Pennington.

During the Games, Nucomm will equip a helicopter with its CamPac 2 microwave transmitter; a small, lightweight HD/SD COFDM unit intended for wireless/moving camera applications, and Newscaster DR, a lightweight HD/SD COFDM microwave receiver for portable and mobile video applications. Also included in the package is a high-performance two-axis steered antenna from Troll Systems.

“Overhead shots are an important aspect of sports broadcasts and we wanted a solution that would provide our network with exceptional performance and the greatest possible flexibility,” explained Ding Wen-Hua, CCTV’s chiefengineer.

As well as providing overhead shots, the helicopter will serve as an airborne repeater for CCTV during the games. On the ground, two motorcycles will send pictures up to the helicopter where they will be relayed back to a complementary Nucomm portable receiver terminal.

“Nucomm continues to expand its reach in the Asian market, and a successful partnership with CCTV will further our efforts substantially,” added Dr. John Payne, CEO, Nucomm. “As the world turns its attention to Beijing, Nucomm is excited to help create coverage of the highest quality.”

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