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NTT DATA saves bandwidth for Sky Italia

30 September 2013
NTT DATA saves bandwidth for Sky Italia

NTT DATA premiered a pair of AVC encoding and transcoding solutions at IBC2013, NRT and Hyper. NRT got its first deployment with Sky Italia in June and aims to offer a significant reduction in the bandwidth required to transmit video content over Sky’s satellites.

NTT DATA NRT is a solution for near real-time encoding, and NTT DATA’s Hyper is an advanced, automated batch transcoding framework for VoD and Over the Top (OTT) services.

NTT DATA NRT enables a reduction in the bandwidth required to transmit video content in linear mode, by providing near realtime off-line compression algorithms in AVC format. This is done with a constant and configurable delay, making it easier for broadcasters to factor this into their transmission. The process allows broadcasters to maintain the same video quality, with a reduction in bandwidth.

“We are delighted with the solution we have developed together with NTT DATA. Its potential applications are numerous and provide us with a significant competitive advantage over other operators,” said Massimo Bertolotti, head of innovation and engineering at Sky Italy. “NTT DATA NRT is an extremely valuable project to us, as we have always strived to invest in new technologies.”

For OTT services such as VoD, NTT DATA Hyper offers an advanced software framework for automated batch transcoding. This enables the creation of ultra-optimised, tailor-made encoding pipelines and includes some innovative features, such as adaptive encoding techniques, advanced grid computing architecture and psycho-visual pre-processing. NTT DATA Hyper can be configured both to maximise throughput of a huge file library or minimise encoding time for critical services like catch-up TV.

“Rapid technological evolution, content distribution challenges and higher user expectations are transforming the broadcasting industry. As such, competing effectively in the OTT arena and optimising quality and efficiency of traditional channel distribution are some of the main considerations for broadcasters," said Riccardo Ferrari, senior manager at NTT DATA in Italy.

"When the quality and accessibility of content is the key success factor in the battle for audience share and the main driver for future changes, every advantage helps. Whether it’s linear transmissions or content on demand, our solutions help ensure that quality is optimised for whatever device or transmission channel is used, while keeping bandwidth to a minimum. This means that broadcasters can cut transmission costs by between 20 and 40 per cent, while users get the best experience possible."

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