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NRK tags OB workflow with EVS

25 June 2012
NRK tags OB workflow with EVS

When covering major sporting events, NRK needed a fast and efficient workflow to tag and find content as it is captured by its HD outside broadcast truck HD1. It has now extended its use of EVS technology to provide the workflow management it requires. With EVS servers already installed in the truck, NRK decided to take advantage of the XNet2 network for sharing content, and the capabilities of the LSM controller to allow live logging, using a keyword grid. The architecture also involved automatically sending files to an XStore NAS where the content could be accessed directly by Final Cut Pro editors. “In today’s productions it is just too time-consuming to search for content that is not properly tagged,” said Magne Sivertsen, system engineer at NRK. “Before production begins we define a list of keywords, and LSM operators use them to tag the clips they create. With so many cameras in use and a flood of images rushing through the system, the most efficient workflow is for the operators themselves to tag the clips for easy sharing and retrieval.” The new system was first put to the test at the 2012 Biathlon World Cup, at Holmenkollen in the Oslo suburbs. There is plenty of fibre capacity between the ski area and NRK headquarters, TV House in the centre of the city, so much of the packaging and production took place back at base. “During sports productions at Holmenkollen we can send data to NRK HQ, as well as all the programme feeds and returns from the studio on the fibre,” explained Sivertsen. This allowed editing to start as soon as the files started transferring, allowing a much simpler and smarter way of tightening programmes before transmission.


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