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NRK launches 24/7 IPTV with OmniBus

11 May 2006

OmniBus Systems has announced that NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) has purchased a full-featured iTX transmission system for support of a new 24-hour local IPTV and web-based news service.

According to OmniBus, the software-based automation system will enable NRK to launch a service consisting of local news content, captions, and graphics run in a news-wheel format with little or no user intervention.

NRK is headquartered in Oslo, where the central facilities are located. There are also 12 smaller regional systems situated across the country that provide more localised programming. The entire broadcast network relies on OmniBus Systems’ multidomain technology to share media between all the regions.

"NRK was a very early adopter of OmniBus, so it is particularly fitting that it should be one of the first users of our latest technology in the form of iTX," said OmniBus Systems CTO, Ian Fletcher. "The project in which NRK is implementing iTX is a classic example of how we think the system will be used by existing broadcasters: enabling new services to be provided with high production values but with minimal capital investment and very low cost of ownership. The ability of iTX to integrate with NRK’s existing news production systems and to accept MXF files from its broadcast servers will make for very efficient workflows."


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