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NRK chooses Shotoku for news studio upgrade

14 August 2015
Shotoku SmartTrack System

NRK, Norway’s national public broadcaster, has upgraded its news studios in Oslo and installed a multi-faceted, multi-site camera control configuration from Shotoku Broadcast Systems. The broadcaster also installed a nationwide remote camera system for 11 regional studios capable of being controlled locally or remotely from the Oslo HQ.

The new SmartTrack system supports the rapid camera moves demanded as well as ultra-slow, smooth on-air crawls.

“The NRK installation is a perfect illustration of SmartTrack’s capabilities,” said James Eddershaw, Shotoku sales director. “It addresses all the demanding requirements for dolly speed, elevation range, motion control and heavy camera/prompter/talent monitor payload. In addition, the Mat Lizard-Dolly and Towercam technology at the core of the SmartTrack system has proven so reliable it is trusted in the live production of Dagsrevyen, Norway’s flagship national daily news programme.”

In Studio 5, Shotoku installed four SmartTrack dolly systems, TG-18 PT heads and height elevation running on three separate tracks. One track carries the two main cameras in a tight arc around the main set. A second track follows a slightly larger arc, and also straightens out to enable the camera to be used in an adjoining weather or journalist presentation area. Finally a third, straight track provides the director with a wider angle tracking move across the lengthy back wall of the studio creating incredible opening and closing shots of the studio, as well as presenter shots when required.

The smaller Studio 7 was equipped with a single SmartTrack system along with three fixed-pedestal Shotoku TG-27 robotic pan and tilt systems.

All studios use Shotoku’s TR-XT touchscreen-based control system. Each TR-XT can access any of the studio’s cameras and control is automatically shared between the main operator and, if necessary, the producer. In addition, the TR-XT systems can take control of cameras in other studios over WAN connection, including any of NRK’s 11 regional sites located throughout Norway.

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