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NPTV offers ‘enriched experience’ for viewers with new cloud TV

22 November 2013
NPTV offers ‘enriched experience’ for viewers with new cloud TV

On Tuesday 20 November NPTV introduced its interactive cloud TV platform at an event in London, where the company will soon open its first UK office. The product renders multi-sourced video in the cloud in realtime, delivering interactive video to any internet-connected device in a single stream, offering an “enriched experience”, claimed Kenneth Lampinen (pictured), COO NPTV.

At the event Lampinen explained how NPTV’s technology allows the audience to be “an active participant in the event” of viewing content. Broadcasters will be able to deliver content by having components including video, social streams, apps and advertising sitting in the cloud. There is “a lot of applicability” for the technology, explained Lampinen, including sports, live events such as music concerts, reality TV and dramatic content.

The company has worked in conjunction with Eurosport WTCC Racing to develop the new technology and deliver a range of features for the end-user, demoed at the London event. These include accessing different camera perspectives, driver stats, vehicle and track information and race highlights.

Harri Kopenen (pictured), NPTV CEO described how the technology was the culmination of two and a half years of work, begun by NPTV’s technical team in Moscow. However, he emphasised that the innovation was an “international technology” with an “international team.” The company is stretching its international presence even further, with its UK office opening in London in the next couple of weeks.

One benefit of NPTV’s technology is that is does not require a smart device, only one which is internet-connected. There is therefore “lots of flexibility…to deliver to our customers,” NPTV claimed at the event. There is also flexibility regarding how companies wish to take the product to the market. Video advertisers for example will be able to insert interactive ads if that’s what clients want for their customers.

The technology is to become available in Q2 of next year and, claimed NPTV, its launch spells “the direction the industry is going. This is what users want.”

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