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Norwegian Parliament completes HD upgrade with Video 4 AS, Megahertz

26 February 2013
Norwegian Parliament completes HD upgrade with Video 4 AS, Megahertz

The second phase of a challenging programme to upgrade the television facilities at Stortinget, the Norwegian parliament buildings in Oslo, has been completed by Video 4 AS and Megahertz Broadcast Systems. With the addition of extra cameras, a new switcher, router and intercom system, the facilities are now HD from end to end. “The first phase of the project was delivered in 2010, and we are really proud that Stortinget returned to us to expand the facilities,” said Lars Petter Ommundsen, CEO of Video 4 AS. “They identified a need for extra cameras in the main chamber, and a more efficient way of operating. Video 4’s project manager, Rolf Ruud, together with the Megahertz team, were able to design the additional facilities and implement them within the tight timeframe of the parliamentary recess.” The latest phase of the installation added 10 Sony cameras on Shotoku robotic heads in the parliamentary chamber and hearing rooms in Oslo. As well as providing the right coverage, the installation had to be carefully carried out to protect the fabric of the historic building. Also included in this phase was a new Snell Kahuna 360 switcher with four control panels and a Snell Sirius 830 hybrid router. Overall configuration and control of the complete operational system is now by the VSM (virtual studio manager) system from LSB. This provides a simple graphical user interface for every element in the workflow, including the Chyron graphics, Studer audio mixer and Miranda multiviewers installed in the first phase. Finally, the second phase of the project saw Megahertz install a Riedel intercom system throughout the building. Greg Hoskin (pictured), general manager of Megahertz, said, “our systems integration business gives us the resources to be able to tackle a fascinating and challenging project like Stortinget. It was a perfect fit for us, combining uncompromised broadcast quality with ease of operation and high reliability – every word of every debate must be recorded. Add to it the need to position, install and cable around a beautiful old building and all our skills and experience are brought into play.”

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