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Norway chooses 2wcom for new national network

2 December 2013
Norway chooses 2wcom for new national network

Norway’s new national DAB radio network is being built with DAB+ technology from 2wcom in a project to ready the country for its FM switch-off in 2017. 2wcom’s FlexNsert DAB+ Distribution Inserter and FlexXtract DAB+ Distribution Extractor will be used in the network’s satellite headend system.

The new network will be used by Norway’s national broadcaster NRK, with nationwide coverage achieved by landline connections to the network’s main transmission sites, with satellite distribution to 400 outlying transmitters reaching remoter communities.

FlexNsert systems at the DAB satellite uplink head-end at the Nittedal Teleport can receive DAB data streams in ETI or EDI form, and convert to a standard MPEG-TS signal for satellite contribution. Each of the 400 transmission stations served by satellite will use FlexXtract systems.

2wcom worked with Norkring and was responsible for integrating the digital and satellite components of the infrastructure. “This cost-effective solution supports several contribution/distribution options and this allows us to plan for future developments in the network, including the introduction of DAB+ services alongside our DAB broadcasts,” said Harald Loktu, Norkring’s CTO.

“This major infrastructure project is ground-breaking in its use of IP over Ku-band, and because of that, it has been especially rewarding to work on,” said Werner Drews, managing director of 2wcom. “Norway’s rugged terrain and population spread presents serious challenges to anyone building a broadcast network, but Norkring’s solution for NRK means that the entire population will have a top-quality DAB service when FM transmissions cease.”

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