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TVBAwards: Nominate for Production and Post

17 August 2016
TVBAwards: Nominate for Production and Post

The deadline is fast approaching to submit nominations for the TVBAwards 2016.

Nominations for the TVBAwards, taking place on 20 October at the Grand Connaught Rooms, will close on 22 August.

Highlighting the innovation coursing through the veins of the production and post sector, this category rewards those pushing the envelope in image capture, broadcast audio, and post production.

Achievement in image capture

Award to recognise excellence and innovation in image [and audio] capture for a live or recorded broadcast project. Nominations will be judged on their outstanding use of capture technologies including UHD/HDR to significantly enhance the end user experience.

Achievement in sound

Award to recognise excellence and innovation in the use of audio in a broadcast or non-broadcast production, including recording, editing and mixing. Nominations will be accepted for audio enhancement in post production as well as for overall excellence in the use of audio.

Achievement in post production

To recognise post production excellence combining all elements of the process from editing, grading and versioning, through to the application of visual effects and graphics. Nominations should demonstrate outstanding work in the post production of a broadcast or non-broadcast programme. Nominations can also include significant restoration projects for archive/legacy content.

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