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nobeo’s flyaway control room

12 July 2011

German facilities company nobeo has upgraded two studios at its production centre outside Cologne to HD, with one control room capable of being packed into flight cases for location work, including sports programming, writes Kevin Hilton. Both areas now feature new Harris Platinum audio and video routers, plus TV Logic monitoring walls.

Studios 1 and 7 are the latest at nobeo’s centre in Hürth to be switched over to HD. Studio 7 is currently used for the German version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, but the control room equipment has now been arranged so it can be flight cased and used elsewhere. The company, which also has outside broadcast facilities, is part of the Euro Media Group.

Technical manager, Guido Amann (pictured) explained that the flyaway arrangement was done partly because Studio 7 is farthest away from the middle of the studios centre. "If the equipment is needed for another studio we can just pack it up and move it because the equipment is standard in all the control rooms," he said. "But for the future we can also go on location and this would include sport production. Additional equipment, like EVSs, can be put in if needed."

Control room 7 is based around a Sony MVS-6000 switcher, with a Harris Platinum router controlled by VSM software. Vision monitoring is on a TV Logic LED wall comprising 24 screen units, plus a 42-inch Sony unit, with a second in the VT room.

Studio 1’s control room features an MVS-8000, which was already installed but has now been upgraded for HD. It also features a Platinum router, Harris glue equipment and TV Logic monitors.

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