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Noah to reinvent video switcher

13 September 2013
Noah to reinvent video switcher

Noah Broadcast, a start-up company, backed by EVS, claims to have developed the world’s first fully IT-based live production system that "signals the death of traditional video switchers."

It is "designed to overcome the inherent limitations of traditional hardware-based video switchers" using a scalable, cost-effective, high-performance workflow. Uncompressed content is shared between Noah modules via IT networks, allowing users anywhere in the world to manipulate live feeds in real time from any connected processing module or control panel.

Unlike traditional switchers, Noah’s open architecture uses off-the-shelf (easily upgradable) graphic cards. As these are not task-specific, it should simplify adding new functions. There is also a basic control panel with two optional extensions. Operators can run several systems in parallel for more flexibility or I/O ports, and built-in redundancy.

The number of mix/effects channels is user defined, as everything is software-simulated. There may be up to 12MEs per module, but if more are needed add another module… DVEs, 3D transition effects, graphics, mixes, wipes and keys can be created on-the-fly or pre-set in a user-defined sequence for greater efficiency. Multiviewers can be integrated.

"The modules can be upgraded easily at minimum cost as operations are software defined," said company spokesman, Philip Weber. When needed an operator can use another module next door, or in another city. All modules can be operated remotely. Sources are not limited by hardware. "The benefits are stunning," he added.

Noah uses technology developed by Scalable Video Solutions in Weiterstadt, Germany, which was founded by engineers who previously developed switchers for Philips, Thomson and Grass Valley. They were "unhappy with the given limitations of a hardware solution which can only be changed to a certain level by adding another expensive hardware," he stated.

Although EVS is a majority shareholder, Noah will operate independently and is responsible for global sales and marketing. First modules go into beta testing in Q4, with mass production to begin next Spring.

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