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NOA launches new version of Record

13 July 2010
NOA launches new version of Record

Until now, the NOA Record system has performed digitisation of any combination of analogue sources in multiples of three parallel ingest streams, but now NOA is launching a four-parallel stream version that reduces the time it takes to digitise large databases.

With this upgrade, NOA Record integrates seamlessly with both mediARC and JobDatabase workflow systems to form a unified solution for digitisation and archive management.

NOA will also draw attention to the Job Database V2.9 when it arrives at IBC, which enhances throughput speed and overall search performance for the handling of large databases. Job Database 2.9 also simplifies batch operation with the addition of a new, more user-friendly GUI, and interfaces with the NOA MediaButler transcoding platform.

Meanwhile, NOA mediARC 1.5 is said to add numerous upgrades to the audio archive management system, including expedited cataloguing, a more user-friendly interface, upgraded responsiveness, and even better security. Specific upgrades include: enhancement to the Linking Clipboard feature to support faster and easier batch cataloguing; enhanced workflow management by means of a new import/export tool; customised logging procedures that include orders per item and orders according to chronology; and additions to the built-in report generator, including flexible report templates.

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