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NOA helps boost Finnish archiving

28 May 2013
NOA helps boost Finnish archiving

Finland’s YLE and the National Library’s Centre for Preservation and Digitisation, both longtime users of NOA Audio Solution archiving systems, have recently upgraded to NOA’s JobDB 3.0 to take advantage of its increased workflow and productivity benefits, with YLE also installing a CD Lector system to accelerate the archiving of content on CD.

YLE’s CD Lector system includes certified CD drives and a streamlined process that provides automatic segmentation and eliminates the broadcaster’s previous track-by-track manual linking method.

“For ten years NOA has provided YLE with successful archiving solutions that we have been able to grow with and adapt as our needs evolve,” said Seppo Rokka, System Manager Operations at YLE. “The addition of the NOA CD Lector earlier this year is the latest example of this adaptation, enabling us to create for the first time a fully integrated system for processing CD content, with a big improvement in throughput and efficiency.”

At Finland’s National Library Centre for Preservation and Digitisation a major priority has been to create state-of-the-art metadata schemes to allow optimal search and retrieval of digitised content. By upgrading its NOA ingestLINE actLINE and jobDB installation to version 3.0, the centre has enhanced its existing workflows for greater automation and productivity.

“The new features of this upgrade have greatly reduced the manual workload for our archiving specialists, and therefore we can now put much higher volumes of content through the metadata process with the same human resources,” said Juha Korvenpää, Curator of the audio collection at the Centre for Preservation and Digitisation.

The jobDB system allows users to set up workflows for the ingest, reshaping, and analysis of media as required for archiving, retranscoding, or other complex business processes. jobDB 3.0 includes major efficiency enhancements including native MediaButler connection and automatic skipping of Check Tasks for Enable conditions in Enhanced Business Workflows. Designed to bring all the scalability and efficiency of automated processes to the media asset management environment, jobDB reduces the cost of setting up and executing workflows while allowing quality assurance standards within the workflow to be improved.

NOA Audio’s ingestLINE is a hardware and software solution for media transcription, allowing users to digitise extensive media collections easily, securely, and economically. Featuring components for the full range of media types, the system notifies users of critical technical problems during transcription and integrates the data with NOA’s jobDB or mediARC workflow system for centralised quality assessment, and export from the workflow system into a BWF or into an XML report.

“The archiving of large collections of culturally-important material is always a long-term project, and because of this it’s vital that the tools archivers use can be adapted over the years independently of the original recording technologies as they become obsolescent,” said Christophe Kummer, CEO of NOA Audio Solutions. “Both YLE and the National Library are institutions central to Finland’s culture, and we are proud to provide continuing assistance to them in their digitisation and preservation work over more than 10 years now.”

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