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Nine in ten children still watch linear TV

5 September 2016
Nine in ten children still watch linear TV

TV is still the most popular way for children to view video content, according to the latest Viacom research.

Its latest ‘International Insights’ research found that children use an average of five sources to watch TV and video content. Of those surveyed, over 90 per cent said they regularly watch linear TV.

Viacom’s analysis covered kids 4-11 in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, the Philippines, and the UK.

Free on-demand content, such as YouTube, was the second most popular option (83 per cent) with DVDs third (79 per cent).

The research noted that ‘kids are a little less likely to turn to sources that aren’t as easy for them use independently’ with 58 per cent using official TV channel websites, and 46 per cent accessing VoD and SVoD.

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