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Nila provides some energy-efficient illumination

7 September 2011
Nila provides some energy-efficient illumination

The Nila SL LED fixture was conceived as a direct replacement for a 6000-watt tungsten space light, but with an average power consumption of 850 watts, writes Michael Burns.

According to the company, the Nila SL is also versatile enough to replace a 5000-watt sky pan or a Fresnel lens fixture, using its removable yoke and interchangeable lenses. The Nila SL Daylight Version is intended as a replacement for 2500-watt HMIs.

Nila claims that the SL is very economical and able to make use of a household extension cord rather than 60-amp cabling, while the LED array offers 20,000+ hours life.

The Nila SL features an on-board networkable dimming system and has virtually no heat in the beam of light, so reducing studio air-conditioning costs. Colour correction can also be placed against the fixture without bleaching from heat or UV.

This new launch is the latest addition to the company’s range of LED fixtures that also includes the NH, JNH and Boxer models; some of the latter were recently used to upgrade the Main House Chamber in the US House of Representatives with energy-efficient LED lighting.


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