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Nielsen: ‘Standard’ TV dynamic changing

28 September 2016
Nielsen: 'Standard' TV dynamic changing

The ‘standard dynamic’ for the TV industry has changed dramatically in recent years, with viewers watching significantly more channels, according to the latest Nielsen research.

The company’s Q2 2016 ‘Total Audience Report’ stated that, despite its research ‘consistently demonstrating’ that viewers watch a relatively small percentage of channels available to them, there has been a dramatic change in behaviour. It reported that both channels available and channels viewed have increased.

On average, out of the 205.9 channels that adults are receiving, they are viewing an average of 19.8 channels per month.

The report stated, “We now find that channels receivable has started to decrease somewhat, as a result of lower multichannel penetration and cord-shaving.”

The report also revealed that adults in homes with SvoD access watch fewer TV channels than the average, and while Nielsen argues that this is partly due to increased device usage in SVoD homes, it notes that those with SVoD access are generally younger and more affluent, which both cause lower TV viewing.

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