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NHK deploys Streambox mobile newsgathering app

6 February 2013
NHK deploys Streambox mobile newsgathering app

Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) is using 500 StreamboxME Pro licenses for reporters, in Japan and throughout the world, to capture and transmit live video from breaking news stories, as well as emergency response and newsgathering events. The StreamboxME Pro mobile newsgathering app offers one-click streaming to reliably deliver broadcast quality, low delay video from iPhones and Android devices. NHK has also deployed Streambox Enterprise Server to manage, route, archive and support a high volume of simultaneous live video streams and uploads from hundreds of reporters and contributors at a time. Streambox ME Pro and Streambox Enterprise Server will provide NHK with a simplified efficient workflow to collect unlimited amounts of video from a variety of contributors in Japan and from around the globe. With the complete video system infrastructure, including Streambox 1080i HD decoders, NHK will be able to easily preview, manage and route live streams and archived files, all based on metadata for efficient distribution and playout. StreamboxME Pro can bond 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi or Inmarsat BGAN to give users increased bandwidth and reliability to send higher quality live and file-based video. The easy-to-use app enables users to transmit video directly to Streambox decoders, Media Players, or Enterprise Server with just one click from their Apple iPhone, iPad or Android device. The app is also compatible with Streambox Live Service, a cloud-based scalable service that manages, routes and stores large amounts of video feeds with simplified workflow for large-scale deployments. StreamboxME Pro achieves sub 2-second latency at 30 fps, 16:9 aspect ratio, and 720×400 resolution and offers Advanced Audio Coding (AAC). The app includes Streambox-exclusive, Low Delay Multi-Path (LDMP) technology (which is a reliable protocol that facilitates high quality, low latency video over multiple IP networks). StreamboxME Pro provides a full range of professional broadcast features such as IFB over Bluetooth, Store and Forward, User presets, Meta-data and digital rights management (DRM). Streambox ME Pro is now available for Apple iPhones, Android, OSX and

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