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NewTek’s 3Play trifecta

7 April 2014
NewTek 3Play 440

NewTek has debuted a new family of 3Play sports production solutions that includes enhancements to the 3Play 4800, the introduction of a new 3Play 440 model, and new pricing for its 3Play 425 model.

3Play 4800 and 3Play 440 systems aim to reduce the need for many specialised products and individual operators. Each system is optimised for the needs of a specific type of producer. The 3Play 4800 is designed for companies, professional leagues and large venues looking for the greatest degree of production configurability with a 4U rack-mountable, eight-camera input, dual-channel output.

The 2U, four-camera input, dual-channel output 3Play 440 is geared toward mobile productions and regional broadcasters, colleges, conferences, and mid-sized venues with more moderate budgets.

“While traditional vendors continue to build expensive replay systems that mimic what is essentially the way people used tape, our approach is to architect single, integrated systems capable of handling many of the tasks that would normally require dozens of expensive component products and a sizable production crew,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, NewTek’s CTO.

“Customers can do more than just replay,” said Ellen Camloh, NewTek’s senior director, “They can produce a full in-house show without having external systems. The 3Play brings in capabilities that will allow people to do a great show, without having to have a greater headcount – integrating more into the system and without requiring more people.”

Features of the 3Play 4800 and 3Play 440 include replay and review capabilities. offering side-by-side playback and game clock overlays and media publishing to multiple destinations, including Facebook and Twitter, YouTube, FTP servicers and multi-screen platforms. The 3Play line-up provides real-time overlays and built-in animation buffers and stinger transitions, reducing the need for additional video servers and graphic stores. Automatic colour matching which keeps camera signals calibrated, reduces the need for a dedicated shading workstation.

The systems also feature cross-platform command and control, allowing producers to augment existing mobile, venue and truck installations with control of remote playback, clip and list queries, and queuing. Support for the Advanced Media Protocol (AMP) allows for improved integration with third-party equipment, including Ross Carbonite video switchers.

3Play 4800 and 3Play 440 are expected to ship in May.

“People are always looking to economise and at the same time create more content,” said Camloh, “What our systems are known for is integrating as many capabilities as make sense into one turnkey system. We strive to lower the barrier to entry for professional content creation.”

NewTek 3Play 425NewTek has introduced a low starting price for its 3Play 425. The four-input, two-output replay solution for smaller venues will sell for $9995, with an optional control surface available for $2500. 3Play 4800 will price at $39,995 and 3Play 440 at $24,995.

In other news, NewTek is continuing to expand its Developer Network. The NewTek Developer Network was introduced at IBC 2012. As of IBC 2013, the developer network comprised 34 companies. This NAB the Developer Network has expanded by 17 new companies, with 22 new workflows added. The Developer Network offers 57 workflows for TriCaster and 3Play.

The developer network has also expanded its category range, with Network Shared Storage a new category to be added.

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