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NewTek unveils next-generation TriCaster 40

12 June 2013
NewTek unveils next-generation TriCaster 40

NewTek has launched the next generation of its entry-level TriCaster 40, a complete HD multi-camera video production studio that enables anyone to create professional streaming television on a budget. Version 2 of TriCaster gives users unprecedented access to the same production capabilities used by major networks, including customisable animated transitions, network-style titles and graphics, improved file interoperability and more.

“At NewTek, we are constantly striving to help people with ideas to use video in new ways, so that they can tell stories and make a big impact when sharing them with the world,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, chief technology officer at NewTek. “Our next generation TriCaster 40 gives the most budget-conscious storytellers a whole new class of professional tools, which if purchased individually, would each cost far more than the TriCaster 40 itself. This means that financial limitations no longer hamper creative storytelling.”

TriCaster 40 now enables video producers to create HD television-style video broadcasts, and has a broad range of production capabilities. This allows users to create and customise transitions and effects, add a dedicated title station, enhance the viewing experience, maximise production efficiency and improve visual quality.

Version 2 of the TriCaster 40 can be used by independent producers, from students, schools, and small organisations, to corporate video departments and video bloggers. “Anyone can use TriCaster 40 to turn a live event into a video production that rivals the pristine look of a network broadcast,” said Cross.

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