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NewTek launches NDI

22 March 2016
NewTek launches NDI<BR /> 

NewTek has released its Network Device Interface (NDI), an enabling technology designed for live production IP workflows over ethernet networks.

The technology is available as a royalty-free software development kit (SDK). It is backwards compatible, and NewTek claims that such extended supported will make it the most prolific IP video transfer method in the production market.

“Our mission at NewTek has always been to make it easy for anyone to produce a great show,” said Dr Andrew Cross, president and CTO of NewTek.

“That’s why we created NDI, to provide the industry a toolset for building the next generation of live production solutions that innovate and change the way we work. We have made NDI accessible to everyone by making it easy to use, free of charge and built to work on existing networking technology.”

Designed for any network-connected video device, NDI allows multiple video systems to identify and communicate with one another over IP; encoding, transmitting and receiving streams of video and audio in real time.

“Since we demonstrated NDI at IBC2015, and released beta versions of the SDK for developers, the response from third party manufacturers has exceeded our highest expectations. NDI works with applications from almost every major vendor and virtually every I/O card on the market.

“There is no doubt that this move to IP-based production is fundamentally transforming our industry.”

The company stated that, over standard GigE networks, NDI makes it possible to transition facilities to an IP video production pipeline without negating existing investments in SDI cameras and infrastructure.


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