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Newtec highlights Tour role

24 July 2010
Newtec highlights Tour role

As this year’s Tour de France finally winds its way into Paris, Newtec is highlighting how Belgian commercial broadcaster vtm is providing live coverage of its interview and analysis show with DSNG units equipped for multi-camera operation and remote office functionality using Newtec’s DualFlow modulator technology.

DualFlow technology effectively allows vtm’s DSNG van to use satellite bandwidth both to transmit live coverage and for file-exchange over IP with the studio and the web using the same equipment.

For the post-race show located near the finish line of each stage, vtm’s crew creates a three-camera set. Each camera is separately connected via an encoder to the ASI input of the Newtec Azimuth modulators for transmission over satellite to the production centre, where the incoming streams are demodulated, edited and mixed for playout.

The DSNG crew uses the Azimuth modulator provision of an "always on" IP connection over satellite for information exchange including text translations, correct spelling of names, biographical notes and comments. The journalists keep track of unfolding events over the Internet, via e-mails, web-browsing, and social media. Through the vtm text-based newsroom system, vtm’s crews can also directly plan, create, publish and archive news broadcasts remotely from the DSNG vans over the satellite IP link.

"This is a big advance in the productivity and versatility of our DNSG operation," said Frank Mathys, CTO of VMMa. "Before we had this IP link over satellite, our crews were using mobile phones and 3G connections to communicate with the studio, and this was both expensive, time consuming and prone to error. Now, our DSNG crews can achieve much more through direct exchange of information with the studio."

DualFlow also facilitates new DSNG workflows, with multi-camera operation, transmission of metadata to the studio and local editing on content downloaded from archives at the production centre.

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