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Newsgathering innovations at NAB

12 April 2013
Newsgathering innovations at NAB

Mobile Viewpoint introduced new IP contribution solutions for live broadcast at NAB. These innovations will enable off the shelf IP networks for professional newsgathering. The company separately introduced a cloud-based video portal to manage newsfeeds; a camera mounted system for the LTE market, bundling eight 3G/4G connections for high quality live video; the LTE++ (pictured) and the 3G-S, a small portable solution using two off the rack mobile Android phones to deliver live-feed from any location. Video Manager Portal offers easy management of all IP contribution solutions remotely. A live-feed management toolset is available via this remote access portal. The Video Manager Portal offers content producers the possibility to sell their live feeds to other broadcasters via the Wireless Multiplex Terminal Live Feed (WMT-LF) system. WMT-LF enables broadcasters, with a WMT playout system, to use live feeds from events produced by others. WMT-LF will be paid via a flat usage fee in combination with a revenue share on the published content. The LTE++ is a new camera mounted or backpack system for the LTE market, bundling eight x 3G/4G connections for high quality live video to broadcast live from anywhere via the reliable LTE technology. In addition it is also possible to add Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections to maximise the upload capacity. This ensures transmission of the best possible video quality with the shortest possible fixed delay time. With the very portable 3G-S device Mobile Viewpoint offers an opportunity to broadcast high-quality (analogue) AV from any location in the world, based on dual channel technology. The 3G-S is a cost efficient housing solution that turns two standard android GSM-devices into broadcast equipment. The performance of the 3G-S can be enhanced with an external camera and extended battery pack. Michel Bais, managing director, Mobile Viewpoint, said: "We continue to develop innovative solutions for the broadcasting community. In doing so we do not only have an eye for better and more reliant hardware, but also for new business models that will provide the users of our technology an edge others do not have."

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