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New video and audio branding features with Crystal Vision’s logo keyer

16 January 2014
New video and audio branding features with Crystal Vision’s logo keyer

Crystal Vision has released four new versions of its MultiLogo Modular HD/SD logo keyer, designed to show three graphics on a screen at once.

The new MultiLogo V132, MultiLogo V132 8G, MultiLogo V432 and MultiLogo V432 8G provide three layers of keying from a variety of internal and external sources, including a 4GB or 8GB video store which can hold up to 500 still or animated logos. Features appearing for the first time include audio processing for video and audio branding as well as partial presets for improved on air operation.

The MultiLogos retain the functionality of the company’s previous range of logo keyers. These features include numerous key processing controls, look-ahead preview, clip recording and trimming, Quick Text, the ability to store and name 255 presets, relay bypass protection and the ability to lock the output to an analogue reference to avoid transmission problems. These 100mmx266mm modules fit in Crystal Vision’s standard frames, with the MultiLogo Control Software included.

The MultiLogo can embed up to four audio groups into its video outputs. Audio mixing allows this output audio to be generated from a mix of the audio embedded on the video input and a voiceover or sound effect sourced from either the two internal audio stores or from the external AES input which is available on the MultiLogo V432.

Also new is the partial presets feature which allows engineers to perform complex events within a single remote instruction, with MultiLogo able to store 255 of these presets.

The latest MultiLogo offers more control options than previous versions, with operation now additionally available from the REMIND-E Ethernet remote control panel and the frame’s integrated control panel.

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