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New VFX studio opens in London

12 June 2012
New VFX studio opens in London

Based in East London, Hoxton Redsox offers visual effects services including look development, on-set supervision, 3D animation, compositing and finishing for broadcast, commercials and film. The company brings together a core team of VFX artists who have many years of combined expertise in post production, plus expertise from working at Soho post houses. The Hoxton Redsox team was responsible for post production on two of the three viral films for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus – Happy Birthday David and Quiet Eye. Paul McGeoch, who worked closely with RSA Films director/designer Johnny Hardstaff throughout the production, supervised visual effects for both films. In post, Hoxton Redsox built nine CG sets, including a city, and created various 2D effects before compositing and finishing all shots. Quiet Eye required a more 2D-specific solution, with Hoxton Redsox animating Hardstaff’s analytical artwork together with compositing and finishing.


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