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New transceiver for Sony HD triax camera chains

27 March 2012
New transceiver for Sony HD triax camera chains

Telecast Fiber Systems has announced the launch of the Cobra 2DT, a fibre optic camera interface for Sony’s new digital HD triaxial camera chains. As the latest addition to Telecast Fiber Systems’ patented Cobra line of triax-to-fibre camera extension systems, the Cobra 2DT gives users of Sony HXC-100K and HSC-300K cameras powerful, distance-spanning fibre optic connectivity for the link between the camera and its camera control unit (CCU). "Until now, even the state of the art in digital HD cameras has relied on analogue transmissions for communications between the camera and its CCU, but Sony has broken new ground by introducing the industry’s first-ever digital triaxial systems. These higher-quality, lower-cost HD camera systems are receiving a tremendous reception by the professional video production community," said Jim Hurwitz, director of product management and marketing, Telecast Fiber Systems. "Our new Cobra 2DT takes the new Sony camera chains a step further by enabling broadcasters to carry the camera-to-CCU link over lightweight, inexpensive fibre, whether it’s a tactical cable or an installed fibre infrastructure in a sports arena or other broadcast venue." Targeted to university and OB sports productions, the Cobra 2DT transceiver is ideal for situations in which the distance between the camera and its CCU makes copper triax cable unfeasible; one example is camera signals that must be transported from the camera sites at a university sports venue to a master control facility across the campus. Like the other members of the Cobra family, the Cobra 2DT converts triaxial camera signals to fibre optics for transport across long distances or in pre-cabled facilities. The Cobra 2DT provides all two-way camera/control signals for Sony HXC-100K and HSC-300K camera chains, including component programme video; return video and genlock; audio, intercom, and IFB; and camera control data and tally. The Cobra 2DT is available in a compact, robust, and weather resistant mussel shell-style enclosure. The Cobra 2DT base unit is powered from the camera chain’s CCU, while a 100-240 VAC power adapter powers the Cobra 2DT camera unit. Two of the base units can be configured into a single 1RU rack mountable enclosure. The system supports ST-type connectors, OpticalCON connectors, or MX connectors to ensure robust and trouble-free links. "The Cobra 2DT carries the pedigree of our world-class Cobra family of triax-to-fibre products, and now, customers can harness the digital transmission scheme of the new Sony camera chains to open up a new world of fibre connectivity possibilities," added Hurwitz. "For instance, customers can use Telecast Fiber Systems’ TelePort systems to multiplex several digital triax cameras onto a pair of fibres over a long distance, all at the lowest pricing Telecast Fiber Systems has ever offered for triax-to-fibre technology." The Cobra 2DT will be among several new Telecast Fiber Systems innovations for fibre optic transport on display in the company’s booth at the 2012 NAB Show. C8925

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