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New teleprompter company

9 September 2012
New teleprompter company

Vitec Videocom has launched a new business unit called You Prompt, running as a low cost plug-and-play teleprompter company. You Prompt was born from a desire by Vitec Videocom to fill a gap in the market for a cost-efficient, reliable teleprompter for use in the corporate, education, government and house of worship sectors. Scott Cannon (pictured), vice president of sales at You Prompt, said IBC was the perfect platform to launch the product. “We wanted to gain some traction going into 2013 and there’s no better place than IBC to do that. We did some research and found there’s roughly a $7 million piece of the pie for a cost-efficient prompter system,” he added. “We believe we can enter the market and take a bit of that pie for ourselves.” – Monica Heck10.F35

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