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New technology for faster broadband

12 October 2012
New technology for faster broadband

Genesis Technical Systems has developed a new technology that it suggests could achieve speeds of 400Mb/s over existing copper telco infrastructures. DSL Rings has the potential to deliver super-fast broadband at a fraction of the cost of fibre to the home, thereby offering enough capacity for triple play in urban and rural areas. The key to DSL Rings is a convergence node which feeds up to about 15 homes or premises. These are served as a ring from the convergence node, with each end point capable of adding, dropping and passing traffic. This design means that the VDSL 2 transmission curve restarts at each node, maintaining the high bandwidth. Genesis claims that, with DSL Rings, telcos can deliver more bandwidth at a lower unit cost per Mb/s. “DSL Rings is about enabling superfast broadband for everyone, whether they live in rural communities or inner cities,” said Garry Kelman, Genesis CEO. DSL Rings is being demonstrated for the first time at Broadband World Forum in mid-October. Field trials are currently underway, and Genesis predicts that the technology will be commercially available in the second quarter of 2013.

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