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New study debunks social media myths in the broadcast industry

19 August 2014
New study debunks social media myths in the broadcast industry

Research undertaken by Whiteoaks disproves common industry opinion that no-one influential in the broadcasting world uses social media.

Findings from the study reveal 90 per cent or more of global broadcaster c-level executives, as well as operational heads from global studios, are present and active on LinkedIn. Furthermore, 88 per cent of the world’s leading production company owners and 85 per cent of CEOs from OB companies are also active on the social media site.

The Whiteoaks report entitled ‘Shock, Horror & Opportunity’ looks at four social media assumptions being made by the industry about the effectiveness of using social media to generate leads, the type of influential individuals present and how active they are, and if PR agencies within the sector really have the skills-set and resource to deliver social media campaigns.

The report also shows how influential individuals are active on LinkedIn and engaging in industry discussions through, for example, the Film & Television Professionals group, which has over 250,000 active members ­ showcasing how LinkedIn is not just a ‘CV shop’.

James Kelliher, chairman and CEO, Whiteoaks, said, “We all know social media is important to global broadcasting and media companies because it’s helping them create new revenue streams and meet the growing demands of multiscreen and interactive-hungry audiences.

“Yet, when talking to various manufacturers about using social media to engage with their customers and prospects, the response was that no-one influential in the broadcasting world is active on social media, rendering it a useless tool for engagement and lead generation. As a result, we took it upon ourselves to disprove this perception, while showcasing how to leverage these platforms to deliver engagement opportunities and qualified sales leads.”

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