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A new station for Poststation

8 January 2015
Genelec Poststation

TV and film audio specialist, Poststation has relocated from Stockholm city centre to the island of Brännö, just outside Gothenburg. The new premises consist of a small edit and a mix room, acoustically designed by Eora Ljudteknik. The studios are equipped for TV and film work and feature a Genelec system with five 8040A monitors and 7070A subwoofer.

“The decision to build a new studio in Brännö was easy,” Marie-Louis Nilebrink, owner of Poststation. “After working and living in Stockholm for many years, I fell in love with this island and moved here. I still work a lot in Stockholm as that is where a lot of the business is, but nothing beats the peaceful surroundings here. After renovating my own house a couple of years ago I felt confident enough to build a studio. It’s been a year of hard work but it’s ready and I’m very pleased.”

The new studio equipment includes Avid Protools 11 HDX with an omni interface, an Avid Eleven for the guitars, Genelec surround set up, two Avid Artist Controllers and Netmix pro for sound effects.

“I have been a big fan of Genelec since I bought the spectacular 1022s in the early 1990s,” continued Nilebrink. “I have found that in most places I have worked, they have used Genelec and it’s a widely used reference that I know by heart. At the moment I have 8040s and a 7070 for surround work and a pair of 8020 for reference monitoring. I’ve owned these units since 2005 and they are still going strong.”

The 8040 features a flow optimised, reflex port designed to achieves clear deep bass articulation with no compression or port noises. This is combined with the Genelec Directivity Control Waveguide and MDE (Minimum Diffraction Enclosure) enclosure.

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