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New speakers announced for Lucca 2016

26 May 2016
Lucca Forum 2015

The Ultra HD Forum will bring together leading authorities in the TV, film, media and production industries on 9 June, for the first European Conference in Lucca, Italy. The event will provide a broad set of guidelines for the implementation of new technologies such as UHD for wide colour gamut (WCG), high dynamic range (HDR), high frame rate (HFR), and next generation Audio (NGA) through keynotes, panel discussions and the presentation of the new UHD Forum guidelines.

“We chose the forum in Lucca, because it has always offered an effective and privileged opportunity to meet the ‘decision makers’ in Europe,” said David Price, vice president of Ultra HD Forum.

Twenty-eight speakers have so far been confirmed, and topics on the agenda will include new methods of audience measurement for digital platforms, immersive experiences in production, and virtual reality technologies.

Silvia Costa, chairman of the committee on culture and education of the European Parliament, has been confirmed for a panel session on media in Europe, which will include a focus on the revision of media services directive. Giovanni Buttarelli, EU authority for the protection of personal data, and Antonio Pretp, Commissioner AGCOM, will also take part.

Lucca 2016 will also see a series of workshops organised by a number of digital companies, on streaming video and digital production, 4K technologies, new shooting and editing tools, and new content distribution lines.

Registration is now open for Lucca 2016. Further details of speakers will be announced in due course.

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