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New Sound Devices flagship audio mixer

24 September 2012
New Sound Devices flagship audio mixer

The 664 Production Mixer is the new flagship in Sound Devices’ range of portable production mixers. It offers expanded I/O and recording capabilities, along with greater flexibility and ease-of-use than the previous model.

The 664’s six input channels have dedicated controls for trim, fader, pan, and PFL. The inputs and four output buses can all be outputs, for a total of 10-track simultaneous recording. The mixer features six ultra-low noise, high-dynamic range transformerless mic/line preamps with analogue peak limiters, high-pass filters and input trim controls.

Featuring analogue audio paths, the 664 also offers digital capabilities. Inputs 1 and 6 can be selected as AES3 or AES42 inputs for digital microphones, each with its own SRC for simplicity in system clocking.

The L and R buses are balanced on XLR, 10-Pin, TA-3M connectors, or unbalanced on TA-3M or 3.5mm connectors. Auxiliary output buses X1 and X2 are available on balanced TA-3M connectors. Inputs and buses can be routed to four AES3 connections for eight digital outputs on the XLR and 10-pin connectors.

The 664 can record up to 10-track, 16-bit or 24-bit broadcast WAV files to SD and/or CompactFlash cards. With its dual card slots, content can be assigned on a per-track basis to either or both cards simultaneously.

Sound Devices is also introducing a companion accessory, the CL-6 Expander, specifically designed to add six analogue line-level inputs to the 664 Production Mixer. – Michael Burns

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