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New site launch for Beijing broadcast

15 November 2007

Beijing International Media Services Company (BMC) has launched its latest live broadcasting site, the Crouching Dragon Market Place, located just 500m east of the main ‘Bird’s Nest’ Olympic stadium. BMC will set up both multi-equipped and non-equipped plus ad-hoc studios on the rooftop of this site, offering broadcasters a 18- degree view of the Olympic Green, writes Adrian Pennington.

The panoramic view includes views toward the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube. Together with the west side site at PanGu Plaza, BMC claims to offer broadcasters the most comprehensive panorama of the Olympic venues to broadcasters.

BMC, established two years ago, is a joint venture between Beijing Television and Seven Network Australia, specialising in providing for worldwide broadcasters. Having accomplished the global broadcast of numerous A1 Grand Prix MotoGP, the Live Earth Concert in Shanghai and the fashion show of Fendi The Wall in Beijing, BMC is now focusing on the Olympic Games 2008.

BMC offers live broadcasting sites complete with cameras, crew and SNG facilities, production offices, studio facilities, edit suites, accommodation transport and translators for broadcasters.

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