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New services drive Sohonet growth

11 October 2013
New services drive Sohonet growth

What do you do when you have 27 different post production houses whose efforts need to be tied together?  Or need to get a ton of Hobbit material from New Zealand to the UK? The chances are you call – or connect to – Sohonet. Sohonet has aggressively expanded in the last year and expects to field test new services in the coming months.

The company counts among its customers most of the major players in the media and entertainment industry and has traditionally provided the high I/O performance needed by those industries to move huge files around.

Contributing to Sohonet’s expansion this year is a drive into new markets – although the company remains exclusively focused on media industries, says chief operating officer Damien Carroll said.  This month a new sales executive for North America was brought onboard, Phaedra Pardue.

The company launched Storage as a Service (SaaS) in summer 2012, which saw it provide the space necessary for 300TB of rushes as a proof of concept. Now, the company is moving into enabling the sharing of compute resources – “infrastructure as a service”, Carroll calls it, enabling companies who need compute capacity to take advantage of capacity elsewhere on the network. The service will see field testing in early 2014 and a hard launch next summer.

Since its founding in 1995, the company has grown organically around 25-30% per year, according to Carroll. It has increased its number of employees from 30 to 50 and relocated its offices to accommodate higher volumes of business.

FF&P Private Equity invested in Sohonet last year in order to accelerate the company’s growth internationally and to develop new services. FF&P became the largest single minority shareholder, with the remaining shares being held by the management team and angel investors.

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