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New Phabrix rasterisers for test and measurement

6 October 2011
New Phabrix rasterisers for test and measurement

The recent IBC exhibition marked the introduction of two new rasterisers from Phabrix. The Rx 1000 and Rx 500 are based upon Phabrix Rx technology, which allows different broadcast test and measurement modules to be added for a range of broadcast applications.

The rasterisers feature a unique onboard digital control screen to control the output of instruments to full HD resolution. Output to a separate screen at full HD 1920 x 1080 is available via a HDMI connection, while a separate SDI output allows a secondary output to be routed through a studio.

The onboard screen allows visual set-up of the instrument without the need to plug in a separate screen. Studio operators can select different screen views including full, bi, tri and quad. The instruments enable scaling of however many instruments required given the 1920 x 1080 screen size. Alternatively, standard presets can be activated or an operator can save any special view by selecting one of the eight memory/control buttons. Both rasterisers feature optical support and can be configured to support SD, HD and 3G capability.

The Rx 1000 is a 1U height 19” (482cm) rack mount rasteriser offering the ability to add up to eight simultaneous inputs with loop-through. The independent FPGA heart of each module is able to support simultaneous display of instruments across each module. With the four modules populated this works out to eight analysis instruments with central control and report logging – a world first, according to Phabrix.

The Rx 500, meanwhile, is a 1U height half-rack mount instrument, suitable for applications including camera shading in OB environments or studio editing suites. The Rx 500 continues the modular theme and has two input slots with four simultaneous inputs. All inputs are switchable and each can be independently controlled.

The Rx 1000 and the Rx 500 rasterisers also support eye and jitter technology from Phabrix. Initially, analyser and generator modules will be available, to be followed by Dolby, MADI and AES audio modules. Composite and ASI modules will also be available for the Rx range.

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