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New monitoring facilities on show at NAB 2012

28 March 2012
New monitoring facilities on show at NAB 2012

Test and measurement equipment manufacturer OmniTek will be previewing V2.4 of its OTM and OTR waveform analyser and test signal generator systems at NAB 2012. V2.4 sees the introduction of several new monitoring facilities. Standout facilities include a real world representation of 3D images that can be scrolled to allow the scene to be viewed from different viewing positions, and a set of meters to aid camera alignment for both 3D and 2D setups. The meters assess factors including vertical alignment, camera roll, zoom level, image sharpness, colour gain and lift by comparing two images. Where a camera is being used for 2D images, this comparison is made against a reference image of the same test chart: where cameras are being used for 3D images, comparisons can be made both between an individual camera and a reference image and between left-eye and right-eye camera images of any chosen scene. The latter comparison also gives depth range information. Particularly impressive are a set of colour sabres used to indicate differences in colour gain and colour lift across the R, G and B components of the images. The angle of each sabre to the vertical directly reflects the extent of the difference in colour gain, while the positioning of the bottom of the sabre directly reflects the extent of difference in colour lift – and the response to any corrections you make is instantaneous, making the process of correction equivalent to maneuvering the three sabres into their correct vertical positions. SL8424


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