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New kit from Imagica

9 May 2006

Imagica chose NAB to roll out new systems that bookend the DI pipeline neatly, including the Imager HSR film recorder and the Imager HSX film scanner.

Imager HSR delivers high speed and high quality for the final, typically time-crunched phase of DI: recording projects back to film. The system can record three frames of 2k-formatted files per second, up to six times faster than current laser film recorders operating at 2k.

For the front end of the pipeline, meanwhile, the Imager HSX features impressive scan times of a frame of 4k media each second, or three frames per second at 2k.The system, displayed publicly for the first time at NAB, uses a newly developed CMOS area sensor and LED illumination system, and also uniquely offers customers such options as an integrated KeyKode reader and 35mm Wetgate.

"We are excited to be at NAB 2006 with a complete IMAGICA-based workflow from film scanning to calibrating and output," stated Makoto Tsukada, managing executive officer, Engineering Solutions Division, Imagica Corp. "With the development and introduction of class-leading products like the Imager HSR, the highest speed recorder available on the market today, we are on a roadmap to wrapping faster and higher throughput around the DI chain."

Imager HSR was built on pioneering recorder technology licensed from Eastman Kodak Company. It combines a newly developed optical engine with JVC’s D-ILA LCOS imaging device and LED illumination to record motion picture data to Eastman Kodak 5242 intermediate film for interpositive or internegative films. Imager HSR and HSX systems additionally both support 10-bit Cineon and DPX files, further meeting the expanding demands and requirements of DI.


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