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New Italian division for Audio-Technica and SISME

21 January 2014
New Italian division for Audio-Technica and SISME

Audio-Technica Europe and SISME have joined forces in Italy to create a new division dedicated to the distribution of Audio-Technica professional products in Italy. The division, part of SISME, will begin operations on 20 January 2014.

Following an extensive analysis of the Italian professional audio marketplace, Audio-Technica Europe’s senior management team identified a need to establish a new approach in terms of distribution within a territory that, along with other Mediterranean countries, has been affected by issues such as the economic downturn. Taking these issues along with the ‘globalisation’ of the European marketplace by large corporations and the cross-border activities of online retailers into account, a review of the business models that have survived for the past 30 years is now inevitable.

“More and more our intention is to share business strategies, sales and marketing tactics with our distribution partners, taking fully into account the economic reality of the respective territory and an in-depth analysis of the costs of doing business” said Richard Garrido, CEO of Audio-Technica Europe.

“Of course this creates a certain transition period in order to overcome external resistance to the correct alignment of discounts, margins and payment terms,” continued Garrido, “but nevertheless we believe that such a process is necessary for Southern European distribution companies in order to both survive and develop in the future.”

Claudio Bugari, president of SISME, added: “We are delighted to partner with Audio-Technica, both company and product range, who we’ve admired for their heritage and technical innovation over many years. It is refreshing that we can create a new business model in conjunction with a like-minded manufacturer, suited to today’s trading environment, and to approach the future with enthusiasm and confidence.”

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