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New H.264 microwave link

12 December 2012
New H.264 microwave link

SVP Broadcast Microwave’s new generation microwave link has an H.264 and MPEG-2 HD/SD encoder/decoder, based on NTT technology. The HDT-02 multifunction transmitter accepts analogue video, SD/HD-SDI and HDMI video input signals. Analogue, SDI embedded, HDMI embedded and AES audio inputs are available as standard. User data or GPS data can be transmitted over the data channel. The HDT-02 performs DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 modulations. An L band IF output is available which enables the user to use the transmitter as a satellite encoder and modulator unit. It allows simultaneous terrestrial and satellite transmission and the ultra-wide frequency band is from 1,3 to 3,8 GHz. The HDR-100 is a diversity receiver. It integrates COFDM demodulation and spatial diversity based on MRC (Maximum Ratio Combining) technique, which reduces the effects of multipath and fading losses. This receiver has several outputs: analogue video, SD/HD-SDI and HDMI outputs. It offers the received signal in all outputs

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